DN Tanks understands the challenges involved in providing cost-efficient, durable tanks that can withstand the rigorous wastewater service requirements. Our quality of construction and ability to adapt special components for each facility’s unique needs are unparalleled.


Our tanks are custom designed to meet the application and specific design requirements for every wastewater project. Please contact us for your specific application needs.



Design Support Services

DN Tanks can assist you with a wide array of engineer and estimating support throughout all stages of project planning and design.

Estimating Support Services:

  • Tank and site work cost estimates
  • Tank siting recommendations, including site layouts and constructability reviews
  • Assistance with construction scheduling and sequencing

Engineering Support Services:

  • Geotechnical report reviews and foundation design recommendations
  • Bid document reviews
  • Preliminary drawings and specifications


Wastewater Equipment Flexibility

DN Tanks provides coordination with equipment manufacturers to incorporate wastewater process design requirements for various tank applications including:

Equalization Storage:

  • Odor Controls Systems
  • Automated or Manual Tank Cleaning Systems
  • Mixing Systems

Sludge Storage:

  • Mixing Systems
  • Gas Harvesting Equipment
  • Internal Piping
  • Stairway and Catwalk Systems


  • Mixing Systems
  • Fixed or Floating Steel Covers
  • Membrane Covers
  • Aluminum Domes
  • Internal Piping
  • Gas Harvesting Equipment
  • Stairway and Catwalk Systems


  • Concrete, Stainless, or Fiberglass Launders
  • Clarifier Mechanism
  • Stairway and Catwalk Systems


Design & Construction Flexibility

Every tank is custom designed to specifically meet your project requirements.

Siting: Tanks can be buried, partially buried or constructed at grade

Capacity: 80,000 gallons to over 40,000,000 gallons

Dimensions: Heights ranging from 10’ to 100’ and diameters ranging from 25’ to 400’ and beyond

Roof: Tanks can be constructed with no roof, clear spanning concrete or aluminum domes, fixed or floating steel covers, or column-supported flat slab roofs.


Unparalleled Durability & Reliability

Our unique design features provide unmatched durability and service.

Flexible Floor Wall Connections: Each tank is constructed so that the floor and walls are structurally independent. This allows the wall to expand and contract without placing excessive bending stresses on the wall or floor.

External Prestressing: The tank walls are placed into compression by circumferential prestressing. Every prestress wire or strand is fully encased in shotcrete to provide long-term corrosion protection. This ensures the tank walls will remain in permanent compression, eliminating shrinkage cracks, stress cracks, seepage, and deterioration.