A DN Tanks water storage tank is a monument to high quality construction and durability. Our prestressed concrete tanks will provide communities with the most dependable water storage, at the lowest cost of ownership, for generations to come.


All of our water tanks are AWWA Standard D110 prestressed concrete tanks and are constructed utilizing a cylindrical concrete wall placed in permanent compression; the strongest use of concrete. Our knowledgeable experts will help you design a tank that meets all of your needs as well as the standards of your region.

Construction Techniques

AWWA D110 Type I tanks with cast-in-place concrete wall

AWWA D110 Type I

AWWA D110 Type I tanks are constructed utilizing a cast-in-place concrete wall, horizontal strand prestressing, and vertical post-tensioning. The tank wall is placed in permanent compression, accomplished by horizontal prestressing.

AWWA D110 Type III tanks with precast concrete walls

AWWA D110 Type III

AWWA D110 Type III tanks are constructed utilizing precast concrete walls, with an embedded steel diaphragm. The tank wall is placed in permanent compression, accomplished by horizontal prestressing.


While our construction methodology is the same on all water storage projects, the design and engineering of each is customized based on the site, tank size, exterior enhancements and other common variables. Our low maintenance tanks can be built in any size on virtually any site.

  • Capacity: 80,000 gallons or less to 50,000,000 gallons and more
  • Roof Types: Flat or dome
  • Architectural Treatments: Facades, pilasters, landscaping and hardscaping, lighting
  • Siting Options: Fully buried, partially buried, above grade, partially buried into a hillside
  • Applications: Clearwells, standpipes, ground storage, fire protection and more


Our tanks can withstand extreme hot or cold weather.


Our tanks stand strong in coastal and/or high seismic environments.


A buried tank can utilize a multi-use/recreational roof.


Our tanks offer the best value of ownership; saving you money for years.


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