TES Tank for the U.S. Military Campus, Vicenza, Italy

Dal Molin is located in a heavily populated area that was the former site of an Italian air base in Vicenza, Italy. The site was transferred from the Italian military to the U.S. Army in order to create a large, urban campus fit for residential and operational buildings.

With efforts to optimize energy use, the U.S. Army constructed a new central energy plant which provides energy for the Dal Molin campus and utilizes fossil fuels to generate electricity and heat. The design of the new energy system is estimated to reduce total energy use and save more than 42 percent of the annual costs. A significant portion of this energy and cost savings is attributed to a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank, which allows the central energy plant to reduce their peak electric load and subsequently their energy costs.

DN Tanks’ significant United States Federal Project experience, combined with our TES experience and global presence was a natural fit for the project. DN Tanks was selected to design and oversee construction of the 0.435 MG, 3,920 ton-hour TES tank at Dal Molin. DN Tanks’ experienced project superintendent provided daily on-site oversight, direction and expertise for the construction of the tank and internal diffuser system. Managing a local labor crew allowed for optimum jobsite operation and cost. Each crew member was locally hired and trained under DN Tanks’ scope of work as well as local materials sourced and secured.

Fun fact: Construction in Italy cannot commence until archeological clearance is received. Sovrintendenza dei Beni Archeologici (SBA) is the Italian regional office for Archeological Heritage and is responsible for releasing a site for construction. During the archaeological investigation at the Dal Molin campus, artifacts were discovered from various historical periods including a 2,000 year old tomb of a boy and a Roman well.

0.435 million gallons (1,650 m3)
Inside diameter: 47' 9" | Side Water Depth: 32' 6"
Vicenza, Italy
U.S. Federal Government
Consulting Engineer:
Rosser International Inc.
Useable TES Capacity
3,920 ton-hours
General Contractor