Local governments of the world have selected DN Tanks as their solution to liquid storage tank needs. Our years of active involvement in many countries has earned us awards and accolades but most importantly, we have earned the trust of rapidly developing regions with our prestressed concrete storage solutions.


DN Tanks offers a wide range of services that our U.S. clients have enjoyed for generations. And we offer these same services to each of our global clients. From planning to construction, DN Tanks can lead your project team to success. Learn more about the ways DN Tanks can help you find solutions to all of your storage needs.

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We work with owners and their representatives to determine the best solution for each project. We offer expert advice on the practical considerations including site access, constructability and region-specific material requirements for their water, wastewater or thermal energy storage systems.


We work with local consultants to support the preparation of project documents, from concept to tender to completion. We aid in the formulation of a streamlined, competitive, cost-effective solution for the client.


We work with local contractors to establish a team that is based in the immediate area. Keeping much of the work to a local team not only improves efficiency, but also allows the benefits of these jobs to trickle throughout the local economy.

Middle East Map

Middle East

DN Tanks has been at the forefront of establishing a work environment in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region. For 30 years, DN Tanks has been actively building tanks and establishing strong relationships in this flourishing region of the world.

South East Asia Map

Southeast Asia

Singapore has become one of the most prominent economic boom countries in Asia. With technology always at the forefront, it is no wonder that the Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore engaged the services of DN Tanks, the world’s most technologically advanced, prestressed concrete, water and wastewater storage tank builder.

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Providing efficient liquid storage on a tropical island has its unique challenges and requirements. DN Tanks has the experience necessary to meet and exceed all of these regional challenges as well as provide liquid storage containment that will last through storms, hurricanes, or any type of tropical weather.

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Throughout much of Europe, demands to save, store and recycle water are continually spreading. Many industries require and benefit from DN Tanks’ prestressed concrete storage tanks and the efficiency that we provide.



DN Tanks has built over 3,000 concrete storage tanks all around the United States over the past decades. Not only have our tanks maintained unfailing water, wastewater, and thermal energy storage, but they’ve also saved municipalities thousands in maintenance costs year after year.

Canada Map


The frosty winter weather of Canada is a major factor when choosing the best liquid storage tank. Our prestressed concrete tanks can withstand the extreme cold and our experts know the most efficient ways to build in this environment.