Water Storage Tank Piping Modification, Romeoville, IL

The Village of Romeoville, Illinois and Strand Associates contacted DN Tanks Concrete Tank Services (CTS) for recommendations for improvements to the Village’s 1.0 million gallon concrete water storage tank. DN Tanks CTS developed a variety of improvement options ranging from water quality, aesthetics, and security/safety to provide long term functionality of the tank. Based on the most urgent needs, the Village decided to move forward with performing a piping modification to improve the water quality inside of the tank.

Since the tank was originally constructed with a single inlet and outlet pipe, the tank experienced “dead zones” and water stagnation. DN Tanks CTS proposed to address this issue by installing a new inlet line through the tank wall and running a manifold pipe across the floor with a tee outlet at the end to physically separate the inlet and outlet pipe and provide improved water flow.

DN Tanks CTS was able to provide full “turn-key” services by designing and installing the new structural connections through the prestressed tank wall and anchoring to the concrete membrane floor. After carefully coring a hole through the tank sidewall of the tank, DN Tanks CTS installed the inlet pipe by encapsulating the pipe in shotcrete and installing a series of concrete supports for the manifold pipe across the floor.

By performing this retrofit work on existing infrastructure, the Village was able to minimize the cost impact and added valuable years to the life of their tank. The Village of Romeoville was extremely pleased with the results and have continued to contact DN Tanks CTS for additional work.



1.0 MG
Romeoville, IL
The Village of Romeoville
Consulting Engineer:
Strand Associates
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