UT Pan Am TES Tank, Edinburg, TX

In 2002, the University of Texas – Pan American contracted DN Tanks to construct a 2.3 MG Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank for the purpose of saving energy costs, and to provide back-up cooling in the event of unplanned downtime of their chillers. The TES system was designed to shift the electric load of the chillers from on-peak periods (daytime) to off-peak periods (night time).

Shah Smith and Associates provided the TES system design that included integrating this DN Tank into the existing chilled water central utility plant that provides cooling for over 2.4 million square feet of the campus buildings. After completion in 2003, the tank was leak tested and certified at zero measurable loss, then performance tested during the summer peak cooling season. During the commissioning phase Shah Smith confirmed that the tank exceeded the design requirements by providing more than the required useable storage capacity of 10,000 ton-hrs.

Annual energy cost savings were projected to exceed $50,000. Cost savings include both peak demand and energy savings. Chillers will operate more efficiently at night time because the outdoor ambient temperature is generally 15 – 20 degrees cooler than during the peak periods in the middle of the afternoon.

This TES tank is utilized daily throughout the cooling season providing many value- added benefits for the University of Texas – Pan American.

DN TES tanks are built watertight and maintenance-free ensuring owners decades of continuous service.