23 Water and Wastewater Tanks Built at the Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar

The Middle East, one of the most rapidly developing areas of the world, is gaining significant ground in modernization and expansion of its infrastructure. For long-term water, wastewater and thermal energy storage needs, local governments have selected DN Tanks, an award-winning world leader in the prestressed concrete liquid storage tank industry.

Hot climatic conditions, corrosive salt air environment and high-salt content of local building materials makes construction of long-lasting and low-maintenance structures in Qatar a challenge. DN Tanks knows first-hand having built 23 water and wastewater tanks, 46.0 MIG (55.0 MG U.S.) total capacity at the Hamad International Airport.

  • 10 Potable Water Tanks
  • 3 Clarifier Tanks
  • 3 Equalization Tanks
  • 2 Chlorination Tanks
  • 2 Irrigation Storage Tanks
  • 2 Effluent Storage Tanks
  • 1 Aerobic Digester

DN Tanks’ vertical prestressing and shotcrete curing techniques were essential for dealing with the harsh, dry climate of Qatar. Vertical prestressing technology has proven resistant to vertical wall bending due to differential dryness by allowing the wall to be kept in continuous compression, thus preventing concrete cracking and subsequent deterioration caused by leakage. Upon final shotcrete application, plastic wrapping the tank wall helps improve moisture retention which is critical for the proper curing of shotcrete.

Overcoming extreme weather temperatures, the unavailability of construction equipment, the necessary removal of excess saline from local concrete materials and educating locally-available labor to DN Tanks standards, were just a few of the challenges DN Tanks was able to overcome. Additionally, we were able to complete this massive 23 tank project in less than one year (three months ahead of schedule) while staying within budget and without compromising the caliber of excellence DN Tanks is known for.

Fun fact: The Hamad International Airport, located in Doha, Qatar, will serve as the official gateway to the Middle East and set the benchmark in airport service standards, efficiency, and passenger convenience. Hamad International Airport, which opened in May 2014, will reportedly handle 50 million passengers, two million tons of cargo, and 320,000 aircraft each year.

Water & Wastewater
46.0 MIG (55.0 MG US)
Doha, Qatar
Location Features:
Corrosive Salt Air / Hot Climate